Friday, November 12, 2010

Pot Limit Doc

So far I have not been able to find another No Limit Doc (at least none that are actively practicing)...but today I found a Pot Limit Doc.

Here is a profile on him.

Thomas Hunt is a family medicine physician in Las Vegas. Like myself, he is also an associate professor at the Nevada School of Medicine. What makes the discovery of Thomas Hunt so interesting to me is that he was my teacher in medical school. I liked him so much I used him as my primary care doctor. I trusted him so much that I would see him as a patient after getting involved with women I suspected were of imperfect purity. I never forgot him...and he didn't forget me.

I have not seen or spoke with him in over 10 years. Today we contacted each other and I couldn't be more happy to reconnect. Last year I don't think I had any poker friends. Poker was a personal thing that I told no one about. Now that I am "out of the closet," and have shed my worry over any stigma associated with playing this game seriously, I have developed many new friendships.

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