Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding ways to increase profitability at the poker table...

You might have noticed the unsual card protector that I use while I play poker.

About 15 years ago after my father retired from the NYC fire department I caught him about to toss his badge away. Being the emotional sentimental being that I am, I asked my father if I could hold on to it instead. Ever since I have kept it tucked away in my box of "stuff". Two years ago I thought this would be a unique card protector and have used it ever since. From time to time it sparks interesting conversation...and of course I always get confused for a fire fighter. When I inform people it was my father's badge alot of the time I get thanks and apologies for my loss. My father is alive and well in his 70's. He is just not much of a man of sentiment. I took on that role in the family.

It is rare while I play that I bring my profession up. I have picked up a few patients here and there from the poker room but usually I prefer nobody knows that I am a physician. I am genuine and friendly at the table and occasionaly I am asked what I do for a living. Typically I have no issues disclosing my profession. At times I regret it, as it can lead to a barrage of medical questions. Not only am I off duty and rather not be discussing medicine but these in depth conversations can distract me from my game. Furthermore I have little interest in soliciting patients for my primary care practice...mainly because I do not enjoy general medicine very much and it is not very profitable. Weight management and wound care are both infinitely more fun and profitable. So I am considering switching my card protector to solicit patients when it looks as if my poker game is not panning out a profit. I will let you know how it works!


  1. In all seriousness, one hated talking about ones profession at the table. There seemed to be few benefits and endless burdens. Eventually I just started making my answers vaguer and vaguer, it was just easier that way.

  2. I can understand how you feel as you are in a much similar situation. I like the idea of increasing the vague factor. I really don't "hate" it, atleast not yet...maybe as I age it will become more annoying. My tolerance for medical questions is highly dependant on my mood. The thing that bugs me the most is taking my attention off my play. So my plan will be to be as vague as possible unless I am about to go home soon, and then I can try and solicit some weight management patients.