Monday, November 22, 2010

Game Over

Well I'm pretty sure it's time for me to give up poker. Yesterday I entered a satellite to the Venetian $2500 main event and won a seat. I played over 8 hours on Saturday. For some reason I think that I can fit a 3-day main event into my life. Last night I think I got 4 hours sleep (baby crying) and I have been sick with a cold.

I started playing at noon today and played pretty damn good for most of the day. Was able to survive some terrible things like flopping a kings full vs another guys quads. I was then moved to a table that was riddled with pros. Although I was clearly out of my league with most of the table Joe Tehan was the one that gave me the most grief. Despite all this I was able to keep a stack above 50k while average was 30k. At about 10pm with 110/236 players left I began to think about playing til 2 am, getting home by 3 and then up at 6:00 to go work, and then resume play at 4pm and play til 2am again...With 27 to cash and 90 minute levels who knew if the field would even be in the money on day 2...then go another night with 3 hours sleep and do it again at 2pm while having to change my whole work schedule. All this while my poor wife does everything with the kids by herself. I had a complete Mike Matusow blow up around 10:30 pm and did things with hands that were insane and completely out of my character. I busted about #106 at around 11:30pm, and walked away looking like a complete donkey. I am disappointed that I wasted this seat...If I didn't have a family or a full time job I know I could do this and do it well...but the reality is this hobby is too consuming. I'm sure Ill do the occasional daily tourney now and then, but I am done with trying to do serious tourneys and regular playing. Thanks all for reading my was fun for a while but I think I'm done...If I ever get wealthy enough where I don't need to work maybe I'll bring all this back again. Right now I am trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.


  1. I would love to hear about the blow ups and bad out of character things. please post them when you are feeling bettor about the whole siituation.

  2. as a learning tool, not to stick a finger in your wound.....thank you

  3. Congrats on making the final table at the WPBT. Where is your trip report?