Friday, August 6, 2010

Terrible Thursdays

Happy Friday! Thursdays are certainly not happy for me.

For the last 2 years on Thursday afternoons I worked for an Eating and Weight Disorder clinic, dealing mainly with anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Unfortunately 6 weeks ago the Las Vegas location closed down. I saw this as a nice opportunity to keep Thursday afternoons open for poker and so I have been trying to hit the Venetian noon tourneys. It is quite apropos that I have now filled my Thursday afternoons with activities that, when I am done, leave me without appetite and wanting to vomit.

Although yesterday was one of those days where if I had Kings they had Aces, when I review my poker logs Thursdays are classically -EV days. I'm not sure why but I have narrowed it down to two likely reasons:

1. There is a higher concentration of quality players on weekdays
2. I harbor some element of guilt that affects my play. since I am playing poker on a weekday, when in my brain I should be working.

My confidence in my game is a bit down these days since I have been on a losing streak. These streaks foster digression in my game. I have to be fair and honest. It is not just bad luck. I have been playing shitty poker. It is not enough for me to escape bad beats and bad luck. I also have to avoid mistakes that critically injure me when I am doing well. Lately I feel I have been riddled with both.

At any rate I am going to do my best to brush this aside and maybe take a little more time off from poker than usual until the Hard Rock Detox series begins. In preparation I am going to pick up my exercise routine and clean my diet up as well.

I plan on playing the following events:

Event #1 $350 NLHE - Day 1b - Saturday 8/14
Event #12 $350 NLHE Thursday 8/19
Event #14 $550 NLHE Main Event - Day 1b - Saturday 8/21

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Although the forms of poker being dealt have changed over the years, the day shift has always been tougher since I began playing poker in casinos (1989 or so).

    I think it is insightful of you to observe that your subconscious guilt might affect your play on some level. In those dark days when I would sneak out of the office to play when I was practicing as a lawyer that soft internal voice of obligation was always near.