Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poker Couture

Thursday is starting to get a better reputation. This afternoon went very well for me.

I am playing on average 8-12 hours of poker a week. Doesn't sound excessive but yet I can't shake feeling guilty about not working on Thursday afternoon. It becomes even easier to rationalize playing when you see I have profited over the long-term. It is a good thing I did not find poker in college. Although not lavishly, I would have easily been able to live off my profits. For now it is a fun hobby that provides a small regular income.

Today the guilt didn't hit me so hard since I stayed late at work doing several hospital consultations and discussing some new business plans. I guess I felt a little more accomplished than usual for a Thursday.

I went to the MGM and played a $1/$2 NL cash game. This game was my bread and butter for the last 2 years. To be honest 80% of my poker experience was at the MGM. It was the playground I learned how to play on. It was a good place to learn since I am convinced the games are softer there than anywhere else in Vegas.

I only played for 90 minutes today and I can not remember the last time I had such a run of very strong hands. By the way, it was not a hit and run. I was on a tight schedule and had to be in Boulder City by 5:30pm.

Within this short frame of time I hit 2 sets, 2 flushes (1 nut), 1 full house, Pocket Aces, Pocket Kings, and Pocket Jacks.

I profited $400 and would have profited close to 1k if I did not lose a $500 pot to a super weak player who sucked my set of 5's out on the river when a King tripped his pocket Kings.

If I didn't have such a strong player to my left I also might have profited more. I have to hand it to this guy Philip Lake. He correctly folded 2 flushes to my bets... one to my full-house and one to my nut flush. He was interesting since he started his own poker clothing company. He does some business with poker pros and is working hard to launch his new company. He sounded cautiously optimistic about working with Poker Stars in the future. I liked this guy, but took him for a lot of money. I tried very hard to bust him...he took huge unavoidable hits but never caved to me completely. For that I have to plug his very cool looking line of poker couture (sadly my caveman brain learned that word today)...

~ Poker is fun when you are getting lots and lots of super good hands. Even if a King spikes your set for a huge pot on the river (<5% chance...just in case you were wondering).

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