Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guess the Style: Player #1

Reply to this post with a description of how you imagine the style of play this individual might implement and the strategy you might use to play him.

In 24-48 hours this post will be updated with the players actual observed style.

Observed Style: Tight Aggressive with ability to shift gears to some degree

This guy was one of the first to sit at the table before event #1b at the Detox Poker series. He exuded confidence that bordered on arrogance. He played moderately tight and very aggressively both pre and post flop. He had a tendency to overbet on the flop which was ultimately what knocked him out. Although he did have this reckless side to him he exhibited some caution and restraint, at least with me. I raised preflop with pocket 10s and he re-raised me out of position. The flop came A75 rainbow. He checked and I checked behind. Turn was a 9 and he bet out and I folded. He turned up KK. Infact he turned up quite a few hands giving away much more infor than he should have.

I did get a little miffed at him when he criticized the open limpers as being weak players...and although he was right the open limping stopped after that. When I see these things I think of Phil Gordon's phrase "don't tap on the glass of the fish tank."

He was a fan of raising the limpers. At one point 6 people had limped into the pot with him in the BB. Before he bet he paused and asked the dealer what the weather was like today. If he had a real hand I doubt he would have paused to make small talk. His raise was called by just one person and the flop was Qc7h6h. He was first to act and shoved all his chips in (was about 4x the size of the pot). The player in position folded and he turned over a Qh2h.

When he was short stacked he was uber tight playing much less than 10% of his hands.


  1. I think against a guy like this that I would look for some opportunities to back raise.

  2. Laoch...that is pretty much how he was taken down.