Friday, July 9, 2010

High Altitude MTT Training

Last night I wanted to practice MTT tournaments online since I will be giving my third and last shot at the Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza this Saturday. I entered two small priced tourneys as I struggle playing online poker at home due to distractions. I planned to multi-table a $2.20 5k guaranteed that had 1800 entrants and a 180 entrant $4.40.

To prepare for my evening I did my best to help my wife out. I cooked dinner, helped clean the house, played with my 4 year old son, watched and played with the baby.

Finally it was time to start my games. Here is how it went:

15 Minute Mark: My son wants to sit in my lap while he watches sponge bob
20 Minute Mark: My son wants to push buttons on the computer and inadvertently calls a hefty bet with a 69off preflop
21 Minute Mark: My son is crying to mommy that I wont let him play on the computer
30 Minute Mark: Wife needs help lifting boxes
40 Minute Mark: 3 month old baby wakes up and starts crying
60 Minute Mark: Wife wants me to hold the baby while she puts my son to sleep
65 Minute Mark: baby will not stop crying unless I pace while bouncing her
85 Minute Mark: Wife takes baby back
90 Minute Mark: Son comes into my room and asks if he can watch me play poker; I put him back to bed
100 Minute Mark: Son is afraid and wants me to get rid of the monster in the closet by turning the light on
120 Minute Mark: Wife wants me to hold baby again
125 Minute Mark: Baby is screaming because I am not pacing and bouncing
126 Minute Mark: My son wakes up because the baby is crying and wants me to stay with him in bed
135 Minute Mark: Wife saves me and puts my son back to bed
145 Minute Mark: Wife takes baby back and is mad at me because I am acting pissy and wants to talk about my attitude

Somehow I managed to place 78th in the $2.20 tourney and 5th in the $4.40 tourney...although this is a typical evening of distraction for me while I play online poker, trust that these results are not typical. Athletes train for competition in high altitude...I train for MTTs at home.


  1. Maybe you should not play poker when the kids are up?? i play when they go to sleep, just sayin

  2. Well in the past I did that, but I was exclusively a cash game player. These tourneys ended close to 2am and I have to be at work by since I started playing MTTs I have been struggling with time.

  3. Thank you for reminding me why I should continue subconsciously influencing my wife to put off having kids.