Monday, June 14, 2010

Jerry Yang - How good is he?

Although Yang is really a very nice man, during his brief showing at my table, I was not particularly impressed with his play. This weekend I finally finished watching my 2007 WSOP main event series and felt the same. I looked up his tournament player history since his main event win and could not find that he cashed in any ranked game until 2010.

At the final table of the 2007 WSOP main event, Yang played his very large stack very aggressively. Infact you might say he played recklessly. Although his stack made his plays lower risk I questioned some of his calls. Of course you want to keep pressure on your opponents when you have that much of an advantage, but when a small stack pushes back I would think you would need a pretty solid hand to call. I hate doubling up small stacks.

Curious to hear the opinion of others.


  1. I remember watching Yang and feeling it was all luck for him, not surprised he's not having much success since.

  2. Yang did a smart thing. He was the worst player at the final table and no doubt knew it. To play solid poker would not have been the way to go. To play how he did was probably his best shot to do well.